Oklahoma Water Resources


Oklahoma is blessed with an abundance of recreational water resources. With 55,646 miles of lake and pond shoreline, 1,401 square miles of water surface, and 167,600 miles of rivers and streams throughout the state, we have a natural resource that is available to anyone, but also requires careful protection. This GCSA webpage is dedicated to providing a variety of connections to Oklahoma’s natural water resources, with links to information that will help you plan your next great outdoor adventure.

NOTE: Some of the links and websites listed below are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) not affiliated or supported by any public agency or organization. The list below is not intended to cover every organization or topic about water resources in Oklahoma. No endorsement of products, services, organizations or opinions is intended.

Basic Water Resources Information:
OWRB Water Facts  (groundwater, surface water, water use, flooding and rainfall)
OSU Recreational Value of Lakes  (articles, research and websites)
OSU Water Programs and Services  (water protection and research programs)
OWRB In-Stream Flow Research (links and information for in-stream flow research)
OU Oklahoma Water Survey  (water protection and research programs)
ODWC Fishing  (fishing information and resources)
Illinois River Watershed Partnership (IRWP organization to protect the Illinois River)
GRDA Scenic Rivers Operations (state authority to protect Oklahoma Scenic Rivers)

Locating Water Recreation Resources:

Oklahoma Fishing Guides Lake Maps  (Google Maps, fishing and lake information)
OWRB Lake Maps  (online maps, pdf downloads and lake information)
Oklahoma State Parks  (TravelOK park information and search state parks by key words)
Oklahoma State Parks  (Statepark.com information and links to Oklahoma state parks)
Oklahoma Recreation Areas (TravelOK recreation area information, listings and articles)
Travel Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation (parks, recreation, tourism in Oklahoma)
Chickasaw National Recreation Area  (National Park Service website)
Corps of Engineers Recreation Areas (USACE recreation information, links and maps)
ODWC Wildlife Management Areas (information, maps, schedules for Oklahoma WMAs)
Trout Fishing Areas (eregulations.com website with maps, seasons, conditions and links)
ODWC Trout Fishing (information, maps, locations and links for Oklahoma)
ODWC Paddlefish (information, maps, locations, rules and links for Oklahoma)

Using Our Water Resources:
ODWC Fishing Licenses  (hunting and fishing license information and applications)
Kayaking and Canoeing (TripAdvisor.com information, maps, links and reviews)
Kayaking and Canoeing (Travelok.com links, information and maps about locations)
Motor Boating (Travelok.com links, information and maps about locations and facilities)
Water Safety Tips (USACE website of water safety information)
Campground Reservations  (Travelok.com online campground reservation system)
Camping Reservations (NRRS website for reserving national campgrounds)
ODWC Waterfowl Reports  (waterfowl hunting information for many locations)
ODWC Fishing Reports  (timely fishing reports from anglers for many locations)
ODWC Fishing Guide  (view and download free annual Oklahoma Fishing Guide)
ODWC Where to Fish  (portal to fish attractor sites, lake maps and fishing resources)

Conditions and Quality  of Our Water Resources:
Lake Levels (USACE tables of daily reservoir conditions)
Lake Levels (OWRB interactive map and table of reservoir levels and information)
Stream Flows (USGS current stream flows and conditions with interactive map)
Stream Flow Gages (USGS links to over 200 stream gages in Oklahoma)
Fish Advisories (ODEQ interactive map and links to fish advisory information)
Burn Bans (Oklahoma Forestry Services map of burn bans called by governor or county)
Drought Status (MESONET map and data with links for Oklahoma drought monitor)
Water Quality Reports (OWRB links to completed water quality reports)
Water Quality Reports (OCC links to completed water quality reports)
USGS Water Quality Data (links, reports and information about Oklahoma water quality)
Surface Water Data (OWRB maps, reports, data and links to Oklahoma water quality)
Integrated Water Quality Assessment (ODEQ information and links to biennial reports)
GIS Viewer of Water Data (ESRI interactive map viewer and agency GIS water data links)
EPA Surf Your Watershed (interactive map portal to many types of water quality data)